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Lunarpages web hosting monitoring and charts E-mail
Written by Daniel Lemnaru   

Lunarpages - lp1.hostpeek.com - no longer monitored

On this page you will find the monitoring results and other details regarding a Lunarpages Linux shared hosting account, more specifically, a "Basic Hosting"/"Personal website" package (I've used the coupon TAKE50 at the time, for a $50 price reduction).

I'm using subdomains to host my testing scripts, and when I tried to use the automatic installer, it turned out that it couldn't be used to install applications (wordpress, joomla etc) for the subdomain, but only for the main domain. As such, I had to manually install these applications. No big issue for me, but something that some of you might want to know. I expected cPanel as the control panel, I knew them to be using it, but I was greeted by a 0.1 version of the Alpaca control panel, which looks to be their own, proprietary control panel. It is working fine as far as I could see. I feel it to be a bit simplistic/feature-lacking, but that's probably because it is so new; I'm sure that in time they will add more bells and whistles to it.

For explanations on how to interpret the charts that you see on this page, read this guide (link opens in a new window so that you can refer to the document repeatedly if needed).


Uptime (measured externally - pingdom)

Lunarpages uptime record

CPU usage

Lunarpages yearly CPU Usage Chart

Memory usage

Lunarpages yearly Memory Usage Chart

WordPress time

Lunarpages yearly Wordpress Performance Chart

Joomla time

Lunarpages yearly Joomla Performance Chart

phpBB3 time

Lunarpages yearly phpBB3 Performance Chart

Server load

Lunarpages yearly server load

Swap space

Lunarpages yearly swap space usage chart


Lunarpages yearly uptime counter

Speed test/Download files

  • 29 July 2009 test -  298.93KB/sec average speed
  • 01 August 2009 test -  420.82KB/sec average speed
  • 13 August 2009 test -  394.48KB/sec average speed
  • 27 August 2009 test -  399.54KB/sec average speed
  • 17 Sept 2009 test -  389.05KB/sec average speed
  • 29 Sept 2009 test -  106.75KB/sec average speed
  • 19 Oct 2009 test -  321.20KB/sec average speed
  • 29 Oct 2009 test -  487.81KB/sec average speed
  • 27 Nov 2009 test -  490.00KB/sec average speed
  • 06 Jan 2010 test -  500.40KB/sec average speed
  • 26 Jan 2010 test -  421.47KB/sec average speed
  • 26 Feb 2010 test -  475.08KB/sec average speed
  • 25 Mar 2010 test -  354.32KB/sec average speed
  • 05 Mar 2010 test -  446.39KB/sec average speed
  • 31 Mar 2010 test -  464.45KB/sec average speed


Last Updated on Sunday, 07 August 2011 21:10

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